Process Development

Based on a long time experience  we offer know how for development activities.
We adjust our activities according to your tasks and to the given possibilities. Development tasks can be performed in (almost) all areas of chemical and process engineering.

Laborentwicklung ICP Laboratory experiments:
To achieve the goal of development tasks laboratory experiments are certainly the cheapest method. But the evidence of the appropiate results are not sufficient in all cases. Laboratory experiments can be conducted at: your site (if you have the appropriate equipment), in our laboratory (connection with AbC), at universities or other research institutes.


Pilot Plant BKK Entwicklung Pilot plant:
Pilot plant experiments frequently are necessary in order to get safe results. The relevance of the such results is more precisethen those of laboratory experiments, however at increased work and expenses. If there is not appropriate equipment within the laboratories  we go directly to suitable equipment manufacturers.


Prozessentw.1  Prozessentw.2 Production scale:
If there is not at hand appropiate laboratory or pilot plant scale equipment or if such equipment is too expensive to buy (frequently in case of EX-plants) or electrolysis)  or if the given task ca not be conducted with such equipment,  process development needs to be conducted directly within production plants. Such an individual case has to be decided locally.