Detail Engineering

At 'Detail Engineering’ one understands such design papers which are necessary for the good and workmanslike execution of a project. Typically, the following services are not in scope of detail engineering:

But, all design papers for ‚Detail Engineering’ are prepaired in such a way  that these tasks can be carried out. In case that the above tasks shall be part of the entire project it has to be agreed on by the contracting parties and has to be included in the project calculations. (Rem.: Because of connected warranties in case of ordering material and equipment  the ordering should be conducted by the orderer or should be done in the name of the orderer)

Typically, design papers of the detail engineering are:

- PID's (incl. specifications/drawings/material sheets for the different services: piping, control, electro, painting, insulation, etc.)

- Lay out (including all necessary measurements) and modification thereof for static and construction  (incl. appropiate specifications/drawings)

- site map (review as under Basic Engineering)

Tasks and execution of detail engineering are performed by V.A.P. only if V.A.P. also contracts the project management; for necessary detailed agreements please call or write.