Basic Engineering

Generally, ’Basic Engineering’ means such design papers which are necessary to:

-          calculate the costs for the construction of a process plant (project) with an accuracy +- 10%  and to

-          supply the starting design papers which are necessary for the later follow up as for the ’Detail Engineering’. Thereby, it is not essential if the later follow up and/or detail engineering will be really executed  or  the project will be stopped after finishing of the basic engineering.

By process plant one understands such a plant where a material forming and/or a material recomposition takes place. The material forming and/or recomposition thereby can be of physical, chemical or biological type.

Typically, design papers of the basic engineering are: flow sheets incl. necessary specifications (lists/drawings), lay out - preliminary, site map.

V.A.P. takes over and executes the design papers for the basic engineering; call us or write to our address for an offer free of charge.